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Custom FrostShields

Custom FrostShields

Custom FrostShields

Prevent snow and ice from building up on your vehicle's windshield with Coverking's new custom-fit Frost Shield. Designed to fit your specific make and model, Coverking's Frost Shield fits tightly and securely against your vehicle's windshield, preventing moisture from seeping onto its surface, for a clear frost- and fog-free view every time.

The Frost Shield's specially designed attachment system closes in the vehicle’s front doors to resist theft and high winds, while adjustable nylon straps around the side mirrors make installation quick and easy. Coverking tapped its stable of exclusive car cover fabric offerings to craft the Frost Shield in a weather resistant ultra-tough ballistic nylon, complete with a soft felt protective lining. The non-absorbent ballistic exterior allows you to easily shake it off and roll it up for storage.

"In this era of instant gratification and smartphones, who has the time to scrape and defog their windshield every morning?" asks Coverking's design team. "Auto manufacturers have not found a way to solve this problem with the push of a button, so we've solved it through carefully thought-out design, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and utilization of the best materials."

No More Windshield Scraping with Coverking's Custom Frost Shield!

Coverking Frostshield

FrostshieldSecuring a Coverking FrostShield

Pattern Design

The custom fit, along with the material is what sets Coverking Custom FrostShields apart from others. Coverking places a great deal of importance on it's custom patterns. With a full time staff of professional pattern makers and advanced computer aided design (which was pioneered in the custom auto accessory field be Coverking 20 years ago), Coverking has the tools to assure a consistent, perfect fitting Custom FrostShield. All Coverking Custom FrostShield patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle windshield using sophisticated software. The process of making a Custom FrostShield pattern takes hours but results in a perfect compliment to the original vehicle's windshield.


Coverking Custom FrostShields are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Far from a "sweatshop", Coverking Custom FrostShields are made by people who enjoy Medical Insurance, ample opportunities for advancement, and more than a livable wage.

Unfortunately, well paid and happy employees often mean an expensive product. Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and happiness high. A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality at prices often associated with third-world labor.