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Drill Brush Power Scrubber

Drill Brush Power Scrubber - NEW!

Turn your cordless drill into a power scrubber to clean carpet, upholstery, tires, tile, grout, sinks and much more.

Item: #0448
Price: $15.95

Cyber Clean Auto Detailing Cleaning Compound

Cyber Clean Auto Detailing Cleaning Compound - NEW!

This space-age product cleans like no other auto detailing product by getting into the most difficult nooks and crannies of your car's interior.

Item: #0305
Price: $7.95

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover - NEW!

Fur-Zoff quickly removes pet hair from carpeting, cloth car seats, cloth sofas & recliners, clothing and more!
Save! Order 3 or More for $9.95 Each.

Item: #0301
Price: $12.95

Magic Foam Eraser Sponge

Magic Foam Eraser Sponge

This incredible new detailing tool cleans just about everything on your vehicle. Click the "Watch Video" button for demonstration.

Item: #0233
Price: $2.49

Final Touch Dash & Vent Brush

Final Touch Dash & Vent Duster

Electrostatically charged to attract dust like a magnet. Vent Brush effectively removes dust from air vents, radio knobs and gauges.

Item: #0044
Price: $4.95

Microfiber Detailing Glove

Incredible Microfiber Detailing Glove

The Microfiber Detailing Glove is one of the most useful detailing tools you will ever use. Makes dusting, cleaning and polishing a breeze. 1000's of tiny fibers lift and trap dust like a magnet.

Item: #0118
Price: $4.95 ea.
3 or more
$3.95 ea.

Roll-It Clean

Roll-It Clean Adhesive Lint Roller

Pick up pet hair, crumbs, lint and more from carpets, seats, upholstery or clothing lighting fast with the incredible 7 inch wide Roll-It Clean.


Universal Auto Detailing Cart w/5 Gallon Bucket

Universal Auto Detailing Cart w/5 Gallon Bucket - NEW!

This innovative auto detailing cart is the ultimate auto detailing tool for organizing all of your auto detailing and car washing supplies.

Item: #0319
Price: $129.95

Pro Auto Detail Dolly w/5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket

Pro Auto Detail Dolly w/5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket - NEW!

This dolly and bucket puts your car washing and detailing supplies on wheels for easy maneuvering.

Item: #0321
Price: $64.95