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   AquaGard Nanotec Windshield and Glass Treatment

Item: #0251
Price: $14.95

The risk of accidents increases significantly when driving at night, especially in the rain due to poor vision and reflections from oncoming headlights. In such situations, the complete concentration of the driver is required and can cause extreme stress. A further hindrance to vision can also be caused by dirty and neglected windshields; especially those covered with bugs or insects.

Introducing AquaGard

AquaGard is a new technologically advanced product developed in Germany which utilizes nano-technology to provide an incredible, highly durable and long-lasting coating to any auto glass or windshield.

AquaGard consists of nanoparticles with components which bond firmly with glass and other components to repel rain, water, ice and dirt. The bonding takes place with glass-like elements which make the coating incredibly tough. The outcome of this process is an invisible ultra-thin coating as hard as glass.

Powered by advanced nano-technology, AquaGard performs better and longer than any other treatment available on the market today. While most coatings last only a month or two, one treatment of AquaGard has been tested to last up to one full year!

AquaGard's coating is 100% transparent for safer and clearer driving. It protects windshields and windows against smearing and makes them much easier to clean or wash. With AquaGard, snow, ice, bugs and bird droppings lose their sticking power and are much easier to scrape off.

AquaGard also protects against aggressive environmental elements which can cause glass corrosion such as UV rays, salt and moisture. The durable nano-barrier coating remains 100% transparent for a safer and clearer drive. The windshield and windows are protected against smearing and are much easier to clean or wash.

Why Use AquaGard?
  • Raindrops roll off the vehicle windshield
  • Improves vision at night and during rain
  • Increases driving safety resulting in less stress and tiredness
  • Prevents smearing to improve vision
  • Reduces dangerous light reflections when driving at night
  • Extremely long lasting. One treatment lasts a full year
  • Decreases wiper usage thereby increasing the life of your wipers

AquaGard is durable enough to be used on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV's, boats, buses, motor homes and motorcycles.

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#0251 AquaGard Long Lasting
Windshield Treatment

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