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The Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Gel Armrest

The Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Gel Armrest       

Item: #0268
Price: $19.95

This Item Has Been Replaced With The
ArmSaver Vehicle Door Armrest

Arm Saver Vehicle Door Armrest


If you are one of the millions of people who drive with an elbow or arm resting on your vehicle's hard plastic window ledge, you are going to love the Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Gel Armrest.

The Arm-Restler will transform your narrow, hard plastic factory door panel window ledge into a soft comfortable resting spot for your arm and elbow!

The Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Gel Armrest

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Our stylish low-profile armrest slides easily between the window and the door and can be used with your window up or down.

Join the growing number of drivers who have found a comfortable solution for those long trips and commutes with the Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Gel Armrest.

Order one today and start driving more comfortably tomorrow!


  • Ergonomic Gel armrest provides comfort for your elbow and arm
  • Creates a wider resting surface than you currently have
  • Stylish, low-profile design
  • May be used with the window up or down
  • Felt on wing back protects tinted windows
  • Patient pending design
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


"Hey! I have had my Arm-Restler for only a short while and love it. My elbow always got irritated when on the window ledge after a short while. Now I can rest my arm for as long as I wish in real comfort. Will be using it for the 6-7 hour drive to the Smokies next week."
Ed Scull

"I am very pleased with the Arm-Restler. The timing was perfect, we left on a 2000 mile trip in our motor home just after it arrived. This sure made driving more comfortable."


"Have taken one 500 mile round trip. Used in Winnebago Aspect, Ford E350 chassis. Worked as promised and so am quite happy with product. Couple hours of driving and my elbow would become quite painful. Arm-Restler, I'm sure will relieve this problem. Looked for elbow pads like those used by poker players, not found. Would not hesitate to buy another if and when needed."
Al Williams

"I am a full-time rver and love the Arm-Restler, I do a lot of driving and it gives me a new position to drive. The color is the best for me on my kodiak c-4500 rv hauler, the price is right, I would recommend it to every-one, it works great!."
Arm-Restler Customer

"This is a very good product and has saved me a lot of elbow pain. Thanks."
Ray Thiele

"Just finished a 3200 Mile trip using the Arm-Restler. Made a world of difference in comfort. We were in a Free Spirit Leisure Van. Your Product was just what I was looking for. Keep up the good work."
Bill Leckie

"I love my Arm Restler. I have just returned from a trip where I used it with the window up and down. Thank you for a good product at a reasonable price."


"The Arm-Restler is great! I'm one of those people that rest my elbow on the window sill of the truck or car that I'm driving. I can keep both hands on the wheel and rest my elbow comfortably on the gel pad. The Arm-Restler is easy to position, adjust, and it does not affect the operation of the windows when rolling them up or down. Anyhow, to make a short story LONG, I like the Arm-Restler a lot! Good Job!!"
Darrel Howland

"I just returned from a weekend trip to Moab, Utah. We took the Chevy truck AND my new Arm-Restler. On a typical driving excursion, I want to prop my arm on the windowsill of the truck. After a short time, my boney elbow begins to pinch and hurt. I can then no longer keep my arm propped on the window so I have to resort to resting on the arm rest which is too low. On this trip, however, I was able to prop my arm on the windowsill the entire way down to Moab without any discomfort because of the Arm-Restler. It was so easy to install between the window and the door. I love the Arm-Restler - it makes truck travel much more comfortable. As well, I was in Moab to run the Moab 1/2 Marathon - on the way home the ONLY thing NOT in pain was my left elbow. Thank you!!"
Carolyn Dumond

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