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In the United States alone over 1 million times a day people "misplace" their vehicles and are wandering around frustrated, confused, and embarrassed. It's as if your car is playing hide and seek with you in the parking lot.

Auto-Finder Vehicle LocatorFor nearly 20 years now auto manufacturers have been offering factory alarm systems with their vehicles that are operated by a remote Key Fob device. These devices work by sending radio waves from the hand-held unit to the vehicle instructing it to unlock the door or open the trunk. People have adopted this feature to assist with locating their vehicle in a parking lot by remotely honking the horn or flashing the lights. Unfortunately the range of the alarm Key Fobs is short (approx 50-100ft).

Auto-Finder Vehicle LocatorRecently new products have been marketed to help people locate their parked vehicles that primarily rely on GPS navigation. These products require the user to remember to mark their parking location each time they leave their vehicle. Also GPS navigation needs open sky to receive the satellite signals so these devices don't work in multi-level parking structures or underground garages.

The Auto-Finder is a discrete hand-held pointer that fits on your keychain and uses patented Radio Direction Finding Technology to locate your "misplaced" vehicle from up to 1/2 mile away, in large parking lots and multilevel parking structures.

The product is easy to use for people of all age groups. Just press and hold the search button on the Finder and you will locate the direction of your car in seconds. There is no need to program the location of your vehicle and there is no need for open sky like GPS systems.

The Auto-Finder is a one time investment that has no monthly fees and will provide safety and peace of mind for a lifetime.

The Auto-Finder can be used to keep track of a variety of items besides your car. Simply place the Beacon in a backpack, campsite or whatever you are trying to locate and let the Finder take your there. The Finder™ Technology platform inside the Auto-Finder will be developed into other location-based products in the near future so keep an eye out for the Finder™ symbol on products such as car alarms, GPS systems and many other devices.


"When I take business trips I am always forgetting which rental car is mine. Now I just walk right to it!"
Geoff Higgins
Los Angeles, California

"I used to have anxiety about dad getting lost when he'd do his weekly grocery run, not with the auto-finder though!"
Denise Carvarubias
Plano, Texas

"I get so busy with my kids work and all, sometimes I have to think about where I parked, but this saves me the hassle so I can just go on without having to spend the time on it."
Jeanne Lieb
Chicago, Illinois

"It wouldn't happen often, but when I did misplace my car I used to think maybe it'd been stolen or towed, I'll never have that embarrassment again."
Alex Galt
Elizabeth, New Jersey

"Once I had to spend hours trying to figure out what level I parked at. Thank goodness I'll never have to go through that again!"
Tiniqua Bartlett
Cleveland, Ohio

"It (auto-finder™) just makes life easier, there's no more being late to things because we misplaced our car."
Dan and Julie Whitford
Ventura, California

"Mom always forgets where she parked the van and we all hate it. The auto finder is totally cool; we don't have to walk around helping mom find the car any more!"
Josh Clark
Bolinas, California

"I used to hate this parking garage where I work because all the levels look the same. Now it's not a problem."
Erik Heiseman
Chicago, Illinois

"I had a hip replacement last year and this really helps me get to my car quickly without having to walk around for too long."
Jeanne Forester
Tuscon, Arizona

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Auto Finder Deluxe Kit
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Auto-Finder Deluxe Kit

Designed for the Savvy Traveler who often finds themselves in a new rental car from week to week. This kit includes: 1 Finder with 2 sets of batteries, 1 In-Car Beacon with batteries, 1 convenient belt case, user manual, 1 instructional DVD and a rugged Travel Case so you can bring the Auto-Finder with you.
#0334 $79.95

Auto Finder Deluxe Kit
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Extra Finder

Extra Finder with batteries for additional drivers in your household.
#0335 $19.95

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