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BriteEyes Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

Price: $22.95
This Item Has Been Replaced With The New
EZ-1 Headlight Restoration System

Quickly Restore Your Ugly Yellowed Headlights To Like New Condition With BriteEyes™

BriteEyes™ Restorer, cleaner and protectant, is an easy two part wipe-on formula that instantly transforms plastic cloudy-yellowed headlight lenses to a like new condition.

Why should you use BriteEyes™?

Day-to-day driving exposes your vehicle's headlights to pollutants and other environmental factors that create a chemical process where the polymeric property of the plastic lens oxidizes. This is the cause of cloudy appearing headlight lenses.

Typical household cleaners will not remove this clouding. BriteEyes ™ is chemically formulated to restore cloudy headlights to a like new condition quickly and easily. The specially formulated properties of BriteEyes™ reverse the chemical process that causes clouding and will restore your lenses to a like new condition.

SAVE HUNDRED$! Replacement headlights can cost on average between $300.00 - $400.00! BriteEyes™ only costs $21.95 and is guaranteed to restore your lenses to your satisfaction or you can return it for a full refund.

BriteEyes Headlight Restoration

  • Longest lasting protective coating on the market
  • No buffing required unlike others on the market
  • No lengthy taping off surfaces or removing lenses from vehicle
  • Very easy - no extra tools required
  • Unlike traditional restoration methods (i.e. buffing, polishing, etc.) BriteEyes™ protects to like new clarity- providing unsurpassed longevity!
  • Professional results guaranteed. Trusted by thousand of national freighliners, fleets, used car dealers and professional detailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the headlight lenses oxidize?
Most headlight lenses are plastic. The combination of daily exposure to vehicle exhaust and road debris results in pitting of the plastic as well as an actual chemical alteration of the plastic lens. Plastic clouding occurs much the same way that metal rusts. The oxidation process can be reversed by BriteEyes's™ chemical formula.

Why can't I just use Windex ® or some other cleaner?
Cleaners cannot reverse the chemical process that occurs in the plastic headlight lens. Some cleaners contain ammonia or solvents, which may advance the deterioration and yellowing/clouding process of plastic lenses.

Does it need to be repaired from the inside of the lens?
Maybe. While moisture may be trapped inside the headlight unit, actual damage to the plastic typically occurs on the outside. Extreme weather conditions, rock chips and other road debris, contamination from car wash detergents and detailing products all cause damage to the exterior of the lens. The unique BriteEyes ™ formulation will clean, restore, and protect the lenses.

Can I apply BriteEyes ™ to my taillights?
Yes. While damage to your taillights may not be as obvious as the damage to you headlight lenses, BriteEyes ™ will clean and restore your taillights too.

How long will my headlights stay clear?
On average your headlights will remain clear for 6-12 months. Results will vary due to regional climates as well as driving conditions.

Will this product work on all headlights lenses?
Some lenses may be so damaged that they will need to be professionally serviced or replaced. If BriteEyes™ does not perform to your satisfaction, you can simply return it for a full refund.


"Your product worked great. It actually made the worst headlight the clearest. I had taken it to my local dealer and they worked on it for about 30 minutes with their products and only made it worse. I highly recommend it to all my friends. Thanks."
Randy B.
Adair, OK

"Your product worked like a champ!!!!!! Lens looks brand new!! Thank you again..."

Kenny P.
San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for a really impressive product, works great. Restored lenses to 95% of their original clarity, and here's the bonus......there was enough material to do the headlights and interior/exterior domelamps on my F-150 Ford and Volvo semi-tractor. Quality and quantity, a rare find in today's marketplace. Thank you again."
Timothy S.
Hamilton, OH

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