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BufferStick Power Wheel Cleaner

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BufferStickNow you can quickly and easily clean, wax and polish your wheels, including narrow openings, with this innovative auto detailing invention.

The Bufferstick turns your power drill into a power tool for cleaning filthy dirty wheels and rims.

The BufferStick is made of coarse black foam that easily conforms to tight spaces and narrow openings including in between spokes, lug nut openings and will even clean the back of the wheel. It also features a super strong solid fiberglass stick for strength and stability.

You can use the Bufferstick for polishing and waxing your wheels, too! Three soft microfiber bonnets are available with the Bufferstick for every wheel detailing job. Use one bonnet for applying waxes; use another for polishing and the third one for buffing. Microfiber bonnets can be purchased with the BufferStick or separately.

The Bufferstick Power Wheel Cleaner and Polishing Tool gets amazing results faster, easier and with less effort than hand-cleaning and polishing.

NOTE! Drill Not Included


  • Attaches to any cordless drill
  • Super strong solid fiberglass stick
  • Foam cone takes the shape of all grooves and openings
  • Quick & simple to use
  • Manufactured in the USA

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Professional Genuine Chamois - 4.00 sq. ft.

BufferStick Tool with 3 Microfiber Bonnets

#0428 $24.95

Professional Genuine Chamois - 4.00 sq. ft.

BufferStick Foam Cleaning Tool Only

#0429 $19.95

Professional Genuine Chamois - 6.00 sq. ft.

BufferStick Replacement Bonnets (Set of 3)

#0430 $4.95

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