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Diamondite Windshield Cleaning System

Price: $39.95

Welcome To The Future Of Glass

Diamondite Windshield Cleaner

The Diamondite® System is a patent pending, silicone-free, three-step process used to remove contaminants from glass surfaces then acts to protect glass from future occurrences.

Diamondite® Spray Clay is used to clear unwanted deposits from the surface including acid rain spots. This unique product delivers clay in a new and unique way. The removal of these contaminants is done without acids using a clay base which is skin friendly and very effective.

Diamondite® Shield then seals the surface to offer future protection against acid rain spots, scratches, abrasions, and chipping.

Diamondite® Shield is the first of its kind hydrophobic aerosol spray. The protection Diamondite® Shield delivers is the result of molecular polymer bonding to the surface. The Diamondite® System may be used on all glass and glass-like surfaces such as auto windshields, aircraft windshields, marine cabins, and store-front displays. Diamondite® Shield also offers results and protection on other glass-like surfaces such as tile and marble.

Application is simple and requires no special training or tools and may be used by do-it-yourselfers, as well as by professionals.

This special kit includes everything you will need to restore, protect, and seal all glass. There is ample product in each kit to treat at least two mid-sized cars. All products are available in easy to use aerosol cans and the package insures all products will be stored together until the next
time they are needed.


"Your product is great! My name is Douglass Miller and I have attached a before and after photo of what your product has done with my van. I could not believe what I was seeing as these spots disappeared from my windows. I have tried quite a few products in the past to remove them and was hesitant to purchase yours. I heard about your product from some chats and postings on the net and figured what the heck. I am so glad I found your ride has never looked better!"

Douglas Miller

I'm not sure if I am the first Australian to have used Diamondite but I hope that if not, that one day soon it will become well known and available in Austrailia. I used Diamondite Spray Clay on glass mainly, as I offer glass cleaning, polishing and protection on my customers cars and my own. I use acrylic, super polymer and standard polymer sealants on the glass and Diamondite Spray Clay really works!

Thanks for the great products!

Matthew Gibb
Dream Machine Car Refinishing

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