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Patented FFT Gas & Diesel Additive


FFT Gas & Diesel Additive
FFT Fuel Saver was developed and patented by a lifelong chemist and former oil company employee who has had it with high gas prices.

FFT Fuel Saver is an innovative, proven and laboratory tested product that when mixed with your fuel, burns your fuel more efficiently and completely - giving you more miles out of every gallon.

FFT can be used in any petroleum based fuel (including home heating oil). Simply pour 1 oz. of FFT per 10 gallons of fuel and begin experiencing a 10 to 20% increase in gas mileage or btu's almost immediately.

Average fuel savings are about 12% however some vehicles have achieved as much as 30% and more! Results will vary depending on vehicle, driving habits and road conditions.

Buy now! Try now! Everyone who tries FFT Fuel-Saver comes back for more because it saves them money!

  • Extends any petroleum-based fuel (gas, diesel, heating oil) up to 10 to 20%
  • Cuts CO2 by 20 lbs/gallon and NOx emissions by 32%
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if not totally satisfied! This offer is made because test after test has proven this product really works!!


"Our 2005 GMC Envoy XL that has a little over 40K miles on it showed us a 20% increase in fuel mileage after only one tank using FFT!"
Rodney Caldwell
Augusta, Maine

"Thank you very much for inventing FFT! I tried your product to give the countermen some feedback on the effectiveness of your product before they recommended it to our customers. I was so impressed with the performance. Usually I get 15 miles per gallon or 255 miles to a tank of gas. I used FFT and was amazed at the increase, I received 20 mpg and 340 miles on the very first fill up! Thinking this was wrong, I did the math twice! On the next fill up I got 21.3 mpg and 362 from a tank of gas. With the increasing fuel prices I promise to never go without FFT in my tank. The 21.3 mpg has been consistent for every fill up. Recently I took a trip to upstate NY and could not believe the results on highway driving. I got 544 miles from my tank of gas for 32 mpg!!! I did not have to stop for a fill up until I reached my destination! Truly you have an amazing product!"
Linda Risely
Ellsworth, Maine

"I have had nothing but EXCELLENT results with the product. Our Dodge Van went from 9.5 mpg to 12.75 mpg on a consistent basis. My Saturn Wagon went from 25 mpg to 29-31 mpg on a consistent basis. These results have been proven over and over again. I drive over 1200 miles a week, and this product has saved me and my company hundreds of dollars over the course of a year."
Joe Scrozati
Kearny, New Jersey

"I really did not believe that any gas additive would increase the gas mileage that I was getting in my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. The mileage that I was able to achieve was 13.5 miles per gallon. Your FFT gas additive increased my mileage to 16.3 miles per gallon a 20.3% increase…"
Lewiston, Maine

Frequently Asked Questions

Will FFT hurt my engine?
The answer is “DEFINITELY NO!”, and in fact, FFT contains ingredients that will help keep your fuel system, fuel injector, induction passages and carburetor cleaner than before. To date, our customers have driven over 2 million miles.

What is the mixture ratio between FFT and fuel?
1 ounce of FFT will treat 10 gallons of fuel or 1 bottle of FFT will treat 160 gallons of fuel!

What are the ingredients in FFT Fuel-Saver?
The key ingredient is a fuel combustion catalyst that is activated when each piston fires and subtly changes the chemistry in the burning of the fuel in your engine.

FFT Fuel-Saver also contains another ingredient that will help carburetors and fuel injectors disperse the fuel in even finer droplet size, so you get more efficient burning of fuel.

Also included are octane improvers. All this adds up to the feeling of new driving ease and smooth operation.

The end result is less pollution, smoother ride, better fuel efficiency and more miles per

50% of FFT comes from re-cycled orange peels that were used to make your morning
orange juice. We are an environmentally clean company and support re-cycling in every way possible.

Why don't you ship FFT outside of the continental United States?
FFT can only be shipped via ground delivery within the continental United States. Federal Regulations do not allow air shipment of this product.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee if I'm not totally satisfied?
Yes we do. We want only satisfied customers. If you are not totally satisfied with FFT for any reason, you can return it for a complete refund of the purchase price.

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