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The Amazing Fluppi Vacuum


Fluppi Vacuum
Introducing The Amazing Fluppi -
The Smallest and Most Convenient Vacuum Cleaner In The World!

Are you tired of pulling your heavy vacuum cleaner out just to clean up a small mess or not being able to quickly clean up your car, boat, or RV whenever you need to?

Vacuum cleaners are great, but let's face it: sometimes they just aren't what you need! Wouldn't it be great if there was a small, light, vacuum cleaner that you could take anywhere and use anytime quickly and easily?

The Fluppi is a simple, ingenious cleaning brush from Germany. It is no larger than an eyeglass case and weighs only a few ounces. It requires no batteries or cords, no bags or tape, nothing at all to add or replace. It's incredibly simple to use and unbelievably easy to clean.

The Fluppi is perfect for your kitchen, tool chest, car, boat or travel kit. Literally anywhere you could use a small, powerful vacuum cleaner!

And powerful it is! It is truly astounding how well this simple little tool works. Dirt, pebbles, crumbs and pet hair all disappear in seconds, but Fluppi can do so much more! It can pick up objects that ordinary vacuum cleaners never would; objects like nuts and bolts, broken glass, gravel, even small batteries!

Would you ever drag your vacuum cleaner over a can of nails spread across the carpet? Are you kidding? But we've done precisely that and Fluppi picked them up with a few strokes - no problem!

Just drag your Fluppi back and forth over the carpet and the debris disappears! No heavy cleaners to lift, no cords to plug in and no bags to worry about - how much easier can it get? Clean-up is a snap. Literally. Just pop the Fluppi open over the nearest garbage can and you are done! And if you ever need to wash it, just put it in your dishwasher! Best of all, with Fluppi you don't have to throw away what you picked up - those nails can go right back into your tool box!

This amazing tool has been sold to thousands all over the world! It has proven indispensable around car, home or office. It has been used by restaurants to speed up table clean up, by pool halls to care for billiard tables, by homeowners for quick carpet and furniture clean ups, by car, boat, and RV owners for a take-anywhere clean up tool...

The Fluppi is incredibly durable with no complicated moving parts to break or jam and it will work for life! We are so sure that we'll guarantee it, for life! That's right, if your Fluppi ever breaks from normal wear, we will replace it at no charge!

This wonder cleaner from Germany must be seen to be believed! Fluppi has been demonstrated at shows and conventions all over the world with tremendous success. People watched in awe as this miracle cleaning brush picked up gravel, marbles and batteries off of carpet. They asked to see it again and again; they asked to try it themselves. They could not believe Fluppi was real until they used it themselves! That's why we know that whatever doubt you still have will be replaced by amazement after you slide your very own Fluppi over the carpet!

Hundreds of thousands of Fluppies have been sold for $9.99 or more - a very fair price for such an incredible tool. But we want to share the magic of the Fluppi with everyone. We want you to try it yourself and show it to your friends and family. We want you to have absolutely no doubt that you are getting an incredible deal. However, thanks to the power of the Internet, we can now offer the Fluppi at a much lower price. By ordering today, you can have this wonder from Germany for only $4.95 each!

Just $4.95 for an amazing cleaning tool that you can take anywhere! Fluppi will amaze you and impress your friends and family. It makes a wonderful gift for your favorite home owner or traveler. It will work its magic for years to come without any maintenance, with nothing more to buy, ever! It is guaranteed to work right out of the package and will keep on working for as long as you own it!

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