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Fuel Shot Fuel Treatment with Nano Technology

Fuel Shot Fuel Treatment with Nano Technology
Item: #0269
Price: $14.95

Are high gas prices making you sick? If so, it's time to give your vehicle a Fuel Shot!

This highly advanced Nano Technology fuel additive/treatment significantly helps to IMPROVE YOUR FUEL MILEAGE for up to 5,000 miles!

The proprietary Fuel Shot formula contains a concentrated friction modifier in its purest form that penetrates, cleans and lubricates all the working parts of your entire fuel system and even lubricates in places engine oil can't reach.

The syringe method of delivery helps ensure that all of the Fuel Shots potent additive makes it into your gas tank so nothing is left behind.

This product was featured on the TV Show "TWO GUYS GARAGE" which airs on the SPEED channel, starring Sam Memmolo and Bryan Fuller.

The bottom line is, Fuel Shot's highly advanced Nano Technology formula can Significantly Improve Your Fuel Economy!!

NOTE! Fuel Shot is for use in Gasoline Engines ONLY!

Directions: It is recommended to fill entire gas tank prior to using. With engine off, depressthe plunger of the Fuel Shot into the gas tank. Be sure the entire additive is emptied into thetank. Discard syringe in proper waste receptacle. For complete information, please click on the following link

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces friction among the piston, piston rings and cylinder wall
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Significantly improves fuel economy
  • Syringe applicator ensures complete delivery to the fuel tank
  • One treatment lasts up to 5000 miles


"On a trip that I frequently take to Alabama, I was getting 370 miles on a tank of gas. My vehicle is a 21 gallon tank, 1995 Chevy 1500, 8 cyl truck. After using the "Fuel Shot," it went to 455 miles per tank. It did even better on the way back. That's a heck of an increase!! Ya'll have a great new product in the "Fuel Shot" and I highly recommend it."

"I drive a 2002 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.9 liter 8 cylinder truck with an onboard computer. This gives me the capability of monitoring the gas mileage easily. While driving under normal conditions, I was getting 13.5 mpg. After using the fuel shot, it went to 15 mpg. In this economy, that is a big help! I would recommend Fuel Shot to anyone. Great new product!"
Doug Townsend

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