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HotInaZma Pocket

HotInaZma Pocket
Electrical System Stabilizer  
Available in Smoke Color Only 

The HotInaZma Pocket will help you realize your vehicle's full potential. It keeps the electrical system stable by storing and providing much needed electricity during times of high pull- i.e. sudden acceleration, turning on the A/C, turning on the lights, and when using the radio. This also prevents wasted electrical flow during times of pull, thus improving fuel consumption, reducing emissions and sustaining brighter headlights.

The Hot Inazma Pocket works by stabilizing the electricity flowing through your electrical system through the positive and negative discharge at the end of the cigarette ligher. The battery is already creating its own electrical currents to all electrical systems in your vehicle, but the current is not stable. The Hot Inazma Pocket works as an added electrical current that adds on to the existing current created by the battery.

Another feature of the Hot Inazma Pocket not mentioned is, it's also a negative ion generator that pumps negative ions into the air. Negative ions have been found to produce many different beneficial results including creating a more relaxing enviroment in your car. The negative ions also help by breaking up unwanted odors in your vehicle including cigarette and food odors. Al scents have their own molecular diagram which one can only smell, not see. The negative ions help out by attaching itself to these molecules and breaks up the atoms which creates cleaner air. Through its special surface treatment technology, the Hot Inazma Pocket creates an endless amount of these negative ions so there is no need to ever replace or buy a new one.

  • Increased Power
  • Increased Torque
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Increased Fuel Mileage
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Quieter Engine Sound

Test Results
Electrical System Stabilizer Improved Gas Mileage

#0204HotInaZma Pocket - Smoke$99.95 Discontinued

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