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Power Dry Auto Air Squeegee


Dry Your Car Like Never Before With The Amazing New Power Dry Auto Air Squeegee!

Clay Magic Deluxe Paint Cleaning Kit
Shop Vac or Leaf Blower Not Included

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Dry your vehicle lightning fast with the amazing new Power Dry Auto Air Squeegee.

This incredible new invention will dry your vehicle lightning fast leaving no water spots or streaks on your car's finish.

The Power Dry works with most ShopVacs and some leaf blowers with a 2-1/2" diameter hose port.

Installation is quick & easy. Simply attach the Power Dry to the hose coupling like any other attachment by twisting firmly onto the coupling.

Power Dry's soft polypropylene plastic won't scuff or scratch your vehicle's surface.

Once you become familiar with the Power Dry, you'll be able to dry your vehicle faster and faster.

The Power Dry also works great on windows and wheels.

  • Dries entire vehicle including wheels without contact
  • Extends the life of waxes or polishes
  • Eliminates hard water spots
  • Won't scuff or scratch your vehicle's finish


First thing I have to say is, if you detail for a living, get one of these things. I have always used a water blade, and as good as that is, the Power Dry is just a bit better. I liked the fact that it gets the water in crevices where the blade doesn't get to. I also liked the fact that you can skim along the car with the PD and not worry about scratches. With the blade, if you get one little piece of grit under the blade, you risk a nasty scratch. Time wise, the PD is probably a bit faster than the water blade if you just get the larger areas, and just slightly slower if you try to get every crevice. Since I hate water dripping out of the cracks when I'm trying to wax, I got a little more detailed with the drying. I have to say that when I was done with the PD, I barely had to use a towel. I was really impressed. Definitely a great product and going to be in my detail kit from now on!
Bob C. - NJ

PowerDry is off the hook. There's honestly like 40 people in my area who want one after i showed it to them, parents, friends, family members and random passer-bys have all asked where they can get one. This is an excellent product, as soon as they are out for sale, you should all pick one up. Kurt N. - MI

This thing rocks man! Eric D. - NY

I had the chance to try mine out this weekend. I can say it is an excellent tool, worked dandy with my cheap ass Leaf Blower. Had the car Dry in under 5 minutes. I would recommend it to everyone here. Chad S. - MO

Guys, this item ROCKS! Just watching the videos does not give enough credit where it is due. I hooked mine up to my father's shopvac, set it on the blower mode, and BAM! The tube rocks! Dan V. - IN

I have been using it and it really does work very well, I had to buy a new shop vac and it was way worth it!! It not only cuts the time of drying the car down but it does so without contacting the car at all, thus reducing the chance to scratch the paint. Scotty B. - WI

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