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PowerSheen Long-Lasting Tire Shine System

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Price: $27.95


Make Your Vehicle's Tires Look Spectacular for Up To 4 Months!

Traditional tire dressings require that you treat your tires once a week if you’re lucky plus they offer no real protection against environmental elements such as UV Rays, brake dust, moisture, mud and road grime.

The PowerSheen Tire Shine System is an amazing new product that was developed by tire experts which offers a water-based no-sling silicon-free tire dressing solution that lasts up to 4 months between applications. Guaranteed! And you can use it on any type of vehicle tire.

With two simple steps, the PowerSheen Tire Shine System cleans, shines and protects tires longer than any other tire dressing on the market however is still gentle enough to maintain full tire flexibility.

With the PowerSheen Tire Shine System, you can now enjoy clean, shiny tires on all your motor vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, tractor-trailers, RV's, airplanes and more!

PowerSheen Tire Shine System Includes
  • 16 oz. Bottle of Tire/Prep Cleaner
  • 6 oz. Bottle of PowerSheen Tire Shine
  • Product Applicator

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does one application last?
One application of PowerSheen will last two to four months.

How many tires will one kit do?
Each kit will do approximately 16 individual tires or four sets on a standard 4 wheel vehicle.

Is cleaning the tire before application necessary?
Yes. Silicone residues from previous tire dressings MUST be removed before applying Power Sheen. If silicone is not removed, PowerSheen will not adhere to tire. Read and follow directions on PowerSheen Tire Prep/Cleaner for best results.

Does brake dust and grime build up on tires?
No. PowerSheen repels brake dust and dirt. Unlike silicone tire dressings, PowerSheen is not oily. It is a coating that bonds with the tire and protects it. Dirt will simply just wash off.

How does it protect the tire?
PowerSheen blocks out UV rays and damaging ozone which protects the tire from oxidation and/or cracking.

How do I care for the tires following application?
PowerSheen does not require much care after original application. Simply wash off tires with water if they need it. If you want more shine, just apply another coat.

What if I get it on my wheels?
Since PowerSheen is water soluble it will wipe right off. Have a wet rag and just wipe off before product has a chance to dry.

Will it attract dust and dirt?
PowerSheen is a clear coat with a dry finish. It is not oily like silicone based tire dressings which attract dust and dirt. Dust will wipe off tire or you can just rinse it off with a hose.

Is it easy to apply to raised letters?
Yes. Our unique applicator makes it very easy to apply to raised letters.

What if I get it on my hands?
PowerSheen is not toxic. Just wash hands with soap and water before it dries.

Can you apply too many coats?
No. The more coats you apply, the higher the shine and protection.

Can I re-use the applicator sponge?
Yes. After each use, rinse with clean water and allow to dry.


“This is my 2nd bottle, and I think its super stuff, lasts longer and looks better than any other I used. I ordered another kit because I will be getting new tires soon. I want to be ready. Thanks for GREAT PRODUCT!”
Tampa Bay, Florida

“The product is remarkable. It performs exactly as advertised. I actually had no idea how much of the traditional silicone-based product had built up on my tires. I'm pleased that I tried your've converted another user. Thank you.”
Tom Cohn
Diamond Bar, CA

“I am a new customer of Power Sheen, and their cleaner and sheen products do as they advertise. I have had the product on my tires for a little over a month and the product has held up in both Spring and winter conditions in Gilroy, California.”
Jeff Goodere
Gilroy, CA

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