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Quick Connect Tire and Wheel Brush System


You'll love the ease and convenience the Quick Connect Wheel & Tire Brush System
delivers. Features a unique Click-Lock Wash System that allows you to switch from
wheel brush to bumper brush to power rinse quickly and easily. Makes washing your
tires and wheels fun and easy.

Wheel Brush scrubs in between hard to reach places inside your wheels! Slide the brush over the Quick Connect, dip brush into soap, and GO! Press the trigger to send rinsing water through the brush!
Tire/Bumper Brush scrubs the dirt and debris out of your tires! Slide the brush over the Quick connect nozzle and dip the brush into soapy water. Press the trigger knob on the nozzle to send rinsing water through the brush!
Power Nozzle rinses everything out for a complete clean! Connect the nozzle to any standard garden hose. Press the Trigger Knob in to spray and release lightly to adjust the spray pattern.


  • Wheel Brush
  • Tire/Bumper Brush
  • Power Nozzle

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