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   Rim Juice Wheel & Rim Cleaner


Rim Juice

No one likes dirty rims. Even more, no one likes the time-consuming and back-breaking chore of cleaning and scrubbing them!

Rim Juice™ was specifically designed to tackle this problem head on. Rim Juice™ makes cleaning your rims a cinch by eliminating the need of scrubbing.

No doubt you've tried other so-called non scrub wheel cleaners and came away disappointed. Rim Juice™ promises not to disappoint!

With Rim Juice™, you simply spray on, let set for 30 seconds and rinse off. It's that easy!

Rim Juice™ will not only clean your rims without scrubbing them to death, but will leave behind an incredible shine!

"It may just be the best wheel cleaner on earth!"™


Rim Waxx

Rim Waxx™ works by forming an invisible barrier that effectively repels brake dust, road grime and road salt. It helps to restore your wheel's luster leaving a shine second to none and makes future cleaning a whole lot easier.

Rim Waxx™ is very easy to use - simply wipe onto your wheel's surface and then wipe away leaving an incredible shine and a solid layer of protection.

Unlike similar products, Rim Waxx™ will not leave a goopy, sticky mess behind or make future cleanings a nightmare.

Rim Waxx™ is safe on all rim types!

Protect your investment. No one likes dirty rims!

"It may just be the best wheel wax on earth!"™

What Others Have To Say

"So quick and easy to use and it left a crazy shine! It makes cleaning my rims so much easier!"
Anthony V., Freeport, NY

"Finally a product that does what the others try to do! Quality product! Thanks E!"
Ricardo S., Schenectady, NY

"Stop wasting money on cheap rim cleaners!! Get the real deal!"
Steven R.

"Best stuff I've ever used and I've tried a lot of different things. Only product I would recommend."
Michael A., Pittsburgh, PA

"One of the best products I've used in a long time! I've even cleaned my toolbox with it!"
Bill Cole, Owner - Yankee Custom, Massachusetts

"Great products! Amazing shine! The only products we use to clean and maintain our wheels!"
Richard Moore, Youngstown Rod & Custom

"Great product. Would recommend it to anyone. It really works!"
Dean -
Member of the Professional Detailers Trade Association

"Products do exactly what they claim they do - clean, shine, and protect. Great looking bottles too!"
Jimmy - One Stop - Oceanside, NY

"Having detailed a lot of cars, I know what works and these products work! They make detailing so much easier - and the shine is pretty incredible!"
Manny C. - Miami, FL

"The products make my job easier. They work great! I highly recommend them to everyone!"
Mark's Auto Detailing

"I used the stuff on an old Lincoln Mark 8 with 10 years of grime build-up and it took it right off without having to get down and scrub with a brush! And what a shine - the stuff works!!"
Joe - Paul's Dist. Freeport, NY

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#0107Rim Waxx                          $9.95 DISCONTINUED

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