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Sonic Blast CD and DVD Scratch Repair Kit


Quickly Repair, Enhance and Restore Your CD's, DVD's, Game Discs and More With 303 Sonic Blast

You don't have to throw away your scratched music CD's, DVD's or video game discs anymore! 303 Sonic Blast CD/DVD Repair is a specially formulated product which can fix most mis-tracking and skipping caused by surface scratches. 303 Sonic Blast requires No Buffing or Compounds, Cleans to a glass-like finish and helps to repel dust and smudges.

With 303 Sonic Blast, Just Spray on, Wipe Off, a Quick Polish with a soft cloth - that's all you need to do.

There are many CD repair choices but few offer this simple of a process. 303 Sonic Blast has a unique coating it leaves on the disc so micro thin, you can't see it but you will see and hear it, when your disc plays again. Guaranteed!

For less than the cost of a music CD or movie, you can repair up to 20 discs with one 4 cc Tube or up to 300 discs with one 2 oz Bottle of Sonic Blast.


  • Stops Mis-tracking
  • Improves Clarity
  • Intensifies Sound
  • Eliminates Static
  • Repels Dust & Fingerprints/Smudges
  • Shields against Abrasion & Scratching


"Scratched Beyond Belief"
I believe that I have performed the ultimate test for 303 Sonic Blast. Curious as just how much surface damage Sonic Blast could correct, I took a perfectly good CD from my music collection and skipped it, data side down, about 25 feet across my asphalt driveway. The surface was scratched beyond belief. I tried to play the disc, but the CD player could not even find the CD. With only one application of Sonic Blast the CD played perfectly and without a single bit of mis-tracking. Sonic Blast is simply the most amazing CD restorative product I have ever used.
"It Saved Me Tons Of Money"
Just wanted to thank you for a great product. It saved me tons of money. The CD's I listen to in my car tend to find their way to the dash, floor, and back seat. Hence, they get pretty scratched up. Several of my favorite CDs would not play any longer. After I applied the 303 Sonic Blast, they worked excellent again. If you're a traveling CD freak like me, I would suggest you give this product a try.
R. Rifredi

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