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  TIRE CHECK Air Pressure Valve Caps

Tire Check Air Pressure Valve Caps Amazing! Valve caps that indicate tire pressure at a glance.

With TireCheck, you'll never have to guess whether or not you need to add air to your tires again.

TireCheck is a tire pressure indicating valve cap which can be used on virtually all cars, SUVs, light trucks and motorcycles.

TireCheck is very easy to install. Just inflate each tire to the manufacturer's recommended pressure and simply screw on the TireCheck valve instead of your existing valve cap. That's It!

Once your tire pressure drops 2 to 3 psi, the indicator will turn red letting you know it's time to add more air. What could be easier than that?

TireCheck resets automatically every time you add air, so there is nothing else for you to do.

Properly inflated tires are proven to increase fuel economy, enhance handling and prolong the life of your tires.

One size fits all for tire pressures between 20 - 42 psi and each package includes one set of 4.

Tire Pressure Valve Caps
All Green Means Tire Pressure
Is Fine
Red Means Check Tire Pressure!

For Illustration, Click The Image Then Roll Your Mouse
Over "Inflate" or "Deflate"

#0087TireCheck Valve Caps (Set of 4)

Reg $19.95


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