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Clay Magic and Perfect Finish Paint Restorer

Clay Magic and Perfect Finish Paint Restorer

Instantly Remove Contaminants Deep Within Your Car's Finish With Clay Magic

Every Every minute of every day, your car is under attack by harmful environmental elements and surface contaminants that, over time, could destroy your vehicle’s finish. Washing alone can't remove them, and waxing just covers them up. Now you can quickly remove thosebonded surface contaminants with Clay Magic.

The Clay Magic paint cleaning material looks like a bar of clay, but pulls contaminants out of your paint like a magnet! It smoothes the paint finish and removes imbedded contamination with ease.

It is safe to use on all painted surfaces including clear coats. It also works on glass, chrome, plastic, and fiberglass. It deep cleans the paint, while it smoothes and prepares the surface for final polishing and protection. Clay Magic is the perfect companion to our world famous 5 Star Shine Paint Protection System

Clay Magic effectively removes the following contaminants: road tar, paint overspray, industrial fallout, road salts, grease, road grime, tree sap, airborne pollutants, brake dust and bird droppings.

    $29.95 Regular Price
    $24.95Sale Price
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